A photo of several highly stylized buildings lit at night in multiple colors, with their mirror reflection in water.

A brilliant night-time photo of Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias in Valencia, Spain, featuring L'Hemisfèric (front right), El Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía (rear center), and El Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe (left). (Photo courtesy of marcp_dmoz on Flickr.)

Featured Courses

The Department of Architecture, established in 1865, is the oldest architecture department in the United States and is consistently ranked as one of the top programs in the U.S.

It is a place where the individual creativity of a student can be cultivated and nurtured in a framework that is humanistically, socially, and environmentally responsible.

The Department offers degree programs in the areas of Architectural Design, Building Technology, Design Technology, History, Theory and Criticism and the Visual Arts. Other opportunities for study within the department are also available through the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture.

Notable strengths of the department that cut across the discipline groups are our devoted teaching, the grounding of architecture in both social and material issues, interdisciplinary nature, and the remarkable internationalism of faculty, students, teaching and research.

Architecture Courses

Course # Course Title Level
4.001J CityScope: New Orleans Undergraduate
4.101 Experiencing Architecture Studio Undergraduate
4.104 Architecture Studio: Intentions Undergraduate
4.104 Architectural Design: Intentions Undergraduate
4.110J Design Across Scales, Disciplines and Problem Contexts Undergraduate
4.111 Introduction to Architecture & Environmental Design Undergraduate
4.112 Architecture Design Fundamentals I: Nano-Machines Undergraduate
4.125 Architecture Studio: Building in Landscapes (Fall 2002) Undergraduate
4.125A Architecture Studio: Building in Landscapes (Fall 2005) Undergraduate
4.125B Architecture Studio: Building in Landscapes (Fall 2005) Undergraduate
4.170 Ecuador Workshop (Fall 2006) Undergraduate
4.191 Introduction to Integrated Design Undergraduate
4.205 Analysis of Contemporary Architecture Undergraduate
4.211J The Once and Future City Undergraduate
4.243J Media Technology and City Design and Development Undergraduate
4.250J Introduction to Urban Design and Development (Spring 2006) Undergraduate
4.301 Introduction to the Visual Arts Undergraduate
4.302 BSAD Foundations in the Visual Arts Undergraduate
4.322 Introduction to Sculpture Undergraduate
4.341 Introduction to Photography and Related Media Undergraduate
4.341 Introduction to Photography Undergraduate
4.351 Introduction to Video Undergraduate
4.366 Advanced Projects in the Visual Arts: Personal Narrative Undergraduate
4.401 Introduction to Building Technology Undergraduate
4.411 Building Technology Laboratory Undergraduate
4.42J Fundamentals of Energy in Buildings Undergraduate
4.440 Basic Structural Design (Spring 2009) Undergraduate
4.500 Introduction to Design Computing Undergraduate
4.501 Architectural Construction and Computation Undergraduate
4.520 Computational Design I: Theory and Applications (Fall 2005) Undergraduate
4.602 Modern Art and Mass Culture Undergraduate
4.605 Introduction to the History and Theory of Architecture Undergraduate
4.608J Topics in the Avant-Garde in Literature and Cinema Undergraduate
4.609 The Art Museum: History, Theory, Controversy Undergraduate
4.614 Religious Architecture and Islamic Cultures Undergraduate
4.615 The Architecture of Cairo Undergraduate
4.651 Art Since 1940 Undergraduate
4.A21 Stories Without Words: Photographing the First Year Undergraduate
4.105 Geometric Disciplines and Architecture Skills: Reciprocal Methodologies Graduate
4.107 MArch Portfolio Seminar Graduate
4.123 Architectural Design, Level I: Perceptions and Processes Graduate
4.131 Architectural Design, Level II: Material Essence: The Glass House Graduate
4.131B Architectural Design, Level II: Material and Tectonic Transformations: The Herreshoff Museum Graduate
4.132 Architecture Design, Level II: Cuba Studio (Spring 2004) Graduate
4.143 Immaterial Limits: Process and Duration Graduate
4.144 Architectural Design, Level II: New Orleans Studio Graduate
4.155B Architectural Design, Level III: A Student Center for MIT Graduate
4.163J Urban Design Studio: Providence Graduate
4.163J Urban Design Graduate
4.166 Beijing Urban Design Studio (Summer 2008) Graduate
4.166 Beijing Urban Design Studio (Summer 2006) Graduate
4.171 Ecuador Workshop (Fall 2006) Graduate
4.171 The Space Between Workshop Graduate
4.175 Case Studies in City Form Graduate
4.183 Sustainable Design and Technology Research Workshop Graduate
4.184 Architectural Design Workshop: Collage - Method and Form Graduate
4.184 Architectural Design Workshops: Computational Design for Housing Graduate
4.185J Beijing Urban Design Studio (Summer 2004) Graduate
4.195 Special Problems in Architectural Design Graduate
4.196 Architecture Design, Level II: Cuba Studio (Spring 2004) Graduate
4.210 Precedents in Critical Practice Graduate
4.213J Advanced Seminar: Urban Nature and City Design Graduate
4.215J Sensing Place: Photography as Inquiry Graduate
4.215J Sites in Sight: Photography as Inquiry Graduate
4.220 Urban Housing: Paris, London, New York Graduate
4.240J Urban Design Skills: Observing, Interpreting, and Representing the City Graduate
4.241J Theory of City Form Graduate
4.247J Urban Design Policy and Action (Spring 2009) Graduate
4.247J Urban Design Policy and Action (Spring 2007) Graduate
4.252J Introduction to Urban Design and Development (Fall 2006) Graduate
4.253J Urban Design Politics Graduate
4.255J Site and Infrastructure Systems Planning Graduate
4.257J Property Rights in Transition Graduate
4.273 Introduction to Design Inquiry (Fall 2004) Graduate
4.273 Introduction to Design Inquiry (Fall 2001) Graduate
4.285 Research Topics in Architecture: Citizen-Centered Design of Open Governance Systems Graduate
4.285 Power of Place: Media Technology, Youth, and City Design and Development Graduate
4.296 Furniture Making Graduate
4.297 Special Problems in Architecture Studies Graduate
4.303 The Production of Space: Art, Architecture and Urbanism in Dialogue Graduate
4.303 Dialogue in Art, Architecture, and Urbanism Graduate
4.343 Photography and Related Media Graduate
4.367 Studio Seminar in Public Art Graduate
4.370 Interrogative Design Workshop Graduate
4.406 Ecologies of Construction Graduate
4.430 Daylighting Graduate
4.442 Building Technologies III: Building Structural Systems II (Fall 2002) Graduate
4.448 Analysis of Historic Structures Graduate
4.461 Building Technology I: Materials and Construction Graduate
4.462 Basic Structural Design (Spring 2009) Graduate
4.463 Building Technology III: Building Structural Systems Graduate
4.463 Building Technologies III: Building Structural Systems II (Fall 2002) Graduate
4.491 Form-Finding and Structural Optimization: Gaudi Workshop Graduate
4.493 Natural Light in Design Graduate
4.493 Emergent Materials II Graduate
4.510 Digital Design Fabrication Graduate
4.511 Digital Mock-Up Workshop Graduate
4.521 Computational Design I: Theory and Applications (Fall 2005) Graduate
4.580 Inquiry into Computation and Design Graduate
4.607 Thinking About Architecture: In History and at Present Graduate
4.619 Historiography of Islamic Architecture Graduate
4.638 Drawings & Numbers: Five Centuries of Digital Design Graduate
4.645 Selected Topics in Architecture: Architecture from 1750 to the Present Graduate
4.647 Technopolitics, Culture, Intervention Graduate
4.661 Theory and Method in the Study of Architecture and Art Graduate
4.663 History of Urban Form: Locating Capitalism: Producing Early Modern Cities and Objects Graduate
4.665 Contemporary Architecture and Critical Debate Graduate
4.696 A Global History of Architecture Writing Seminar Graduate

Archived Architecture Courses

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