This section contains the complete course notes, Mathematics for Computer Science.

Complete course notes (PDF - 4.7MB)
Chapter 1: What is a proof? (PDF)
Chapter 2: The well ordering principle (PDF)
Chapter 3: Propositional formulas (PDF)
Chapter 4: Mathematical data types (PDF)
Chapter 5: First-order logic (PDF)
Chapter 6: Induction (PDF)
Chapter 7: Partial orders (PDF)
Chapter 8: Directed graphs (PDF)
Chapter 9: State machines (PDF)
Chapter 10: Simple graphs (PDF)
Chapter 11: Recursive data types (PDF)
Chapter 12: Planar graphs (PDF)
Chapter 13: Communication networks (PDF)
Chapter 14: Number theory (PDF)
Chapter 15: Sums and asymptotics (PDF)
Chapter 16: Counting (PDF)
Chapter 17: Generating functions (PDF)
Chapter 18: Introduction to probability (PDF)
Chapter 19: Random processes (PDF)
Chapter 20: Random variables (PDF)
Chapter 21: Deviation from the mean (PDF)