6 Look over Exercise 1, be prepared to work on it in class and put together a group presentation.
7 Assignment 1 is due, be prepared to present in class.
9 Come to class with a tentative topic for Assignment 2, in which you will be presenting your own "visual narrative" based on the three VC units plus other graphics you may find pertinent. This should be about one written page.

Exercise 2 will be worked on in class and presented.


Assignment 2 due.

Assignment 2 student presentations.

14 Present your tentative topics for Assignment 3. You may work in groups of two or three if you wish.

Revision of Assignment 2 is due.

Assignment 3 due.

16 Assignment 3 presentations. Groups of three will have 10 minutes, plus 3 minutes for Q&As. Groups of two will have 7 minutes, plus 3 minutes for Q&As. Single authors will have 5 minutes, plus 2 minutes for Q&As.
21 A one page outline of the Final Project is due. This should include the topic, projected visual resources, and the anticipated thesis.
22 Work on exercise 3 in class.
25 Final Project is due

General Writing and Presentation Advice

The following PDFs are provided courtesy of Diane Hendrix. Used with permission.

Rubric for Oral Presentations (PDF)

Tips for Oral Presentations (PDF)

Rubric for Writing (PDF)

Tips for Writing (PDF)

Peer Editing Questionnaire (PDF)

Revising the Draft (PDF)

Exercise 1 (Done in Class, Session 6)

The second section of the BSS Core Exhibit, Black Ships, opens with side-by-side depictions of a warship in Commodore Matthew Perry's fleet. The image on the left is an American oil painting, the image on the right, a Japanese woodblock print impression.

Each piece of art tells a multi-layered "story" of the American mission to Japan. Presentation of multiple images in a particular way—"placement"—can tell yet another story. Read more...

Assignment 1 (Due Session 7)

View the entire Black Ship Scroll uninterrupted. Then study carefully the animations for each scene. The Universals of Culture categories that are referred to in the assignment are given at the end. Read more...

Exercise 2 (Done in Class, Session 10)

Working in a group, your task is to create a PowerPoint or print presentation that explains and illustrates the meaning of one of the three slogans used by the Meiji government to inform and mobilize Japanese people behind sweeping modernization efforts. Read more...

Assignment 2 (Due Session 11)

Create your own Visual Narrative based on one or more of the two VC units, "Asia Rising" or "Yellow Promise/Yellow Peril." Read more...

When handing in the revision during session 15, make sure to include the original.

Assignment 3 (Due Session 15)

Papers should develop a topic related to history of the Boxer Uprising through your choice of images in the databases and new images (if any) found by you. Read more....

Exercise 3 (Done in Class, Session 22)

This exercise is on the wood block prints in Throwing Off Asia II, "Old China, New Japan" and "Devil in the Details." You will do this as a group. Read more...

Final Project (Due Session 25)

Students will prepare an image-driven presentation on a subject of their own choosing within the general parameters of "Asia in the modern world." Read more...