Visualzing Cultures, Assignment 2

Create your own Visual Narrative

Create your own Visual Narrative based on one or more of the two VC units, "Asia Rising" or "Yellow Promise/Yellow Peril." The text portion of your narrative should be at least three double-spaced pages. Below are suggested topics; if you have another topic you wish to work on, be sure to discuss it with the instructors.

For the topic, along with the suggested topics below, you should look at the Visual Narratives (VR) in the two units. You should consider using one of the VR topics, including the visuals already selected. You should select other visuals, and even subtract some visuals from the original set.

Asia Rising Topics

  • Celebrity
  • Red Cross / Pinups
  • Dissing the Enemy
  • Modernism
  • Troops and Deployment
  • Home front
  • War Reportage
  • News
  • Victory
  • Neo - Samurai

YP/YP Topics

  • World Chess/Wartime Alliances
  • Embedded Journalists
  • Importance of Technology in War, Politics and Image
  • Series of Cards and Collecting
  • War Photography - War Drawings
  • Cartoon and Caricature
  • International Audience/Propaganda
  • Condescending Cliche
  • Dysentery
  • Asia Rising/YP/YP
  • Juxtaposing perspectives of postcards from various nations

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