Many of the readings are from Visualizing Cultures. Videos explaining Visualizing Cultures are available in the Syllabus.

1 Introduction to the Course

Age of Imperialism. Wikipedia.

Browse Visualizing Cultures and become familiar with the site.

2 Asia in the Modern World No additional readings
3 Japan in the Modern World


Familiarize yourself with the Japan related units on Visualizing Cultures.

4 China in the Modern World


Visualizing Cultures Units

5 Visualizing Asia in the Modern World: Resources & Topics No additional readings
6 Black Ships & Samurai

Visualizing Cultures Units

Buy at Amazon Dulles, Foster Rhea. "Discovery of America." Chapter 3 in Yankees and Samurai: America's Role in the Emergence of Modern Japan. Harper & Row, 1965.

7 Black Ship Scroll and Universals of Culture No additional readings
8 Asia in the Age of Imperialism: the Russo-Japanese War Visualizing Cultures Units
9 Asia in the Age of Imperialism: Multiple Perspectives on Japan's Emergence as an Imperialist Power

Visualizing Cultures Units

Peruse the following:

10 Student Presentations No additional readings
11 Student Presentations (cont.) No additional readings
12 The Boxer Rebellion of 1900

Buy at Amazon Hsü, Immanuel C.Y. "Section IV: Reform and Revolution, 1898-1912 - The Boxer Uprising, 1900." The Rise of Modern China. Oxford University Press, 1999. ISBN: 9780195125047.

"Boxer Rebellion." Wikipedia.

Follow-up on citations and cross-links.

13 The Boxer Rebellion (cont.) No additional readings
14 Presentations: Tentative Topics No additional readings
15 Individual Consultations: the Boxer Rebellion No additional readings
16 Presentations: the Boxer Rebellion No additional readings
17 Presentations: the Boxer Rebellion (cont.) No additional readings
18 Curating a Museum Exhibit No additional readings
19 Photography

Visualizing Cultures

20 The Golden Era of Cartoon Art: China No additional readings
21 Presentations: Final Project Topics No additional readings
22 The April 2006 Controversy About Visualizing Cultures

Dower, John W., and Shigeru Miyagawa. "Sino-Japanese War and Cultural sensitivity." H-ASIA, May 1, 2006.

Clay, Phillip L. "Statements on Visualizing Cultures." MIT News, April 27, 2006.

Wang, Jing. "Visualizing Cultures." H-ASIA, May 2, 2006.

Monaghan, Peter. "Sino-Japanes War Images on Web Site Stirs Complaints From Chinese Students." The Chronicle,  May 1, 2006.

On the "Visualizing Cultures" Controversy and Its Implications

China-Japan Historical Struggle Reaches MIT